So many months until football season

It’s only the end of February, but there is action on the Stampeder’s front. The team released DL Anwar Stewart to absolutely no reaction, but the one that puzzles me is the dropping of under-appreciated but admittedly over-aged punt returner Jason Armstead. Sure, he’s an import, but neither Coker nor Taylor impressed me all that much this season. Armstead got closer than anyone else on the roster to busting one back for six,
when he broke for 84 on a kick return. Taylor went back 64 on a punt, but averaged a meager 11 YPR on punts and 20.5 on kicks as the team’s feature returner through 11 games. But you know what they say, football is for the young, and a nine year vet like Armstead is probably done. Tip of the hat to him, he was a great player, here and elsewhere.