Riders on the (Rain) Storm Test Record Against Big Red

The Green Horde should be invading McMahon again tonight, as the Riders come into town as the hottest team in the league (5-0). Can we purge the usual “Green Flu”? Will a healthy dose of Red & White pull up even with the prairie boys to co-lead the West at 5-1 after tonight’s tilt?

One thing is for sure – if the Stamps can buck the Riders out of sole possesion of first tonight, it won’t be on the arm of the Tater Tot. I love the kid, but the Texas Longhair looks like he bruises easier than a Eskie ego. To call him injury-prone at this point might be the understatement of the year, if it hadn’t been for the ‘Bombers firing nearly everyone in their front office.

Who gets the start? I hear it’ll be the return of K-Glenn, but like Bo Levi, and I’m always a fan of giving the young’uns enough rope to either hang themselves or (hopefully) lasso a few wins. Mitchell looked good against Winnipeg, but if Glenn can’t get it done, I’d like to see tonight should be a real test for BLM.

Thankfully, whichever QB starts doesn’t need to place the whole team on his shoulders to shoulder the Green Gang to the loss column. Rene “Paradise” Parades has been money all season long; D-man Hughes will return with a plaster pal, and Mo Price will be available.

The weather doesn’t look to be all that good, but I always feel a gray gloom descending when the Riders hit town and pull their fair-weather supporters out of the woodwork, like a bunch of transient gophers peeking up. If you’re having a summer party, I hope you stocked up on watermelon before today, because they don’t seem to understand how hats work east of Lloydminster…

As always, I’ll be there, cheering for the good guys in red! Go Stamps Go!